• Half my life with Perl

    • Palestrante: Randal L. Schwartz
    • Tags: FISL 16
    • Info: Twenty-five years of Perl. And I’m a tiny bit over 50. Having been there, at the beginning with Perl, I will recount the early days through the modern era (or as much as I can cover in 40 minutes). I’ll deliver first-hand experience of the creation of the Camel Book, the Llama book, and the way I invaded comp.unix.questions with Perl 2 answers so often that people would post “no Perl please”. Oh, and my version of the story of the Schwartzian Transform. I’ll also give my views about the current and future Perl, and what Perl 6 means to the community and to me as a professional.
  • Introduction to Git

  • Introduction to the Dart language

    • Palestrante: Randal L. Schwartz
    • Tags: FISL 16
    • Info: andal Schwartz irá apresentar uma introdução à linguagem Dart,
      incluindo aplicativos de servidor e uma visão geral das várias
      bibliotecas do lado do cliente que foram portadas de JavaScript para Dart,
      tais como a Angular e Polymer. Também será abordada a história,
      estado presente e futuro da Dart (ou pelo menos o que o Google tem nos dito
      até agora).
  • Lessons learned from FLOSSing Weekly