• Abra seu transporte público com OpenStreetMap e Transportr

    • Palestrante: Torsten Grote
    • Tags: FISL 17
    • Info: In this presentation, I will show how the Free Software community can help to
      improve the traffic problems in our cities by making public transport more

      I will explain how I opened up the public transport data of the Sistema
      Integrado de Mobilidade in Florianópolis, so it can be used by the Free
      Software application Transportr and many other tools.

      Using data from OpenStreetMap, the local consortium and the Prefeitura, I was
      able to write reusable Free Software tools to generate data in GTFS, the de-
      facto standard for public transport data.

      With this, you can not only look up when the next bus comes, but also do
      routing, so finding out how to get from A to B. Since the data is open and the
      software free, the possibilities are endless.

      If you want to open up the public transport of your city, don't miss the
  • Esqueça WhatsApp, conheça o Briar! A Evolução dos Aplicativos de Mensagens

    • Palestrante: Torsten Grote
    • Tags: FISL 17
    • Info: Mobile messengers have largely replaced email and SMS for most people. Many
      provide more security by default while being easier to use. However, most
      existing messaging applications (even WhatsApp) are still not where we need
      them to be. This presentation will show the short-comings of the existing
      messengers and show how Briar improves the status quo.

      Briar is completely Free Software and works peer-to-peer. It is designed to
      resist surveillance and censorship by an adversary with capabilities matching
      those of the NSA while still being easy to use.

      More information is available at:
  • Kolab - Privacy Retreat and Collaboration Software

  • Liberte seu Android! How to regain control over your mobile device