Learning to grow

  • avatar Cornelius Schumacher
    Cornelius Schumacher is active in the free software community since 1999. He currently works as an egineering manager at SUSE. His free software activity includes many small and big projects such as KDE. He has served for nine years on the board of KDE e.V. where he was president until last year.
Where have you learned how to program? Where do you get feedback about your work? Where do you get the opportunity to lead? Where do you find motivation and purpose for writing software? Where do you learn and work with the best of the discipline? For many people the answer is: in the free software community. Free software provides an unique environment for learning and growing. It is a tremendously effective way to learn technical skills as well as to grow professionally and personally. The free software community is breeding a new generation of leaders, experts, and masters of their craft, driven by sharing, technical excellence, and working on a greater good. How does this work? Where does this lead? Why does it matter? The presentation will attempt to give some answers to these questions.